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    If you’re a technology provider or public sector organization focused on delivering online services to families, take advantage of the unique opportunity to:


    shape market direction and public policy by engaging in debate with important commercial and public organizations


    in the MTF by becoming a certified service provider or participating as an assessor


    amongst your peers (and competitors) to take advantage of useful resources and event promotions


    Participants are primarily online child privacy and identity advocates and practitioners in the United States. The organization is governed by a steering committee comprising of CIOs and executive IT leaders of the community it serves.

    Key Benefits

    The creation of the Minors Trust Framework (MTF) and the Generational Trust Alliance benefits not only online sites, apps and services directed to children and families, but the entire online Identity Ecosystem:

    General audience online properties benefit in that they have greater opportunity to engage with children in an age appropriate manner rather than reflexively barring their participation due to COPPA.
    Age restricted service providers can avoid interacting with minors.
    Other compatible trust frameworks can offload ID verification of minors to MTF-approved operators, as well as accept MTF approved credentials, allowing children to enter the larger Identity Ecosystem when age appropriate.

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